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 This is cool!

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PostSubject: This is cool!   Sun Mar 16, 2008 1:14 pm

First of all, thank you Mr Admin for this new forum. At least we have different forums here that would cater to all the Pinoys from different walks of life and they would have a sense of belonging pag andito sila sa site nyo. I just hope hindi lang ako ang maging laman ng forum na to. Smile

To all the lesbians, butches, dykes, femmes, bifemmes, gay girls, or whatever and however you want to classify yourselves, this is the forum for us. and to all those still confused about themselves, who knows, baka dito masagot yung mga questions nyo. And to those who are out and proud, I hope you could find time to visit this forum and share with everyone your thoughts and insights about life. I know in one way or the other, there are lives you will be able to touch (drama! hehe).

Be out and proud sisters! Smile cheers
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This is cool!
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