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 need some advise.......pls pls pls

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PostSubject: need some advise.......pls pls pls   Mon Mar 03, 2008 11:15 pm

hi everyone, im just confused need some advise Idea

currently im here at doha, i was sent here last month from singapore for our branch...
bec of our GM not performing well der is a big possibility dat our branch might be pull out n all of us might go back to singapore...,

actually confused lng aq whether to stay here n look for another job or balik aq singapore..,

my life in singapore is work bhay time to unwind dhl prang ang bilis ng pnahon dun lhat ngmamadali..pero masaya nmn aq dun kht ppno dhil sa mga frends i dnt think mgrgrow ako dun dhil sa hrap ng competition ng mga interior design company, hirap minsan kumuha ng mga projects..

d2 sa qatar my time ako mgunwind hndi ko nrrmdaman ung emptiness ko dahil cguro and2 dn ung bestfrend ko...
work mas okei kc ngccmulang mgestablished ng mga bldgs d2...dami kang mkukuhang clients.,

money wise??? same prn sahod ko pinagkaiba lng, my allow ako d2 sa qatar tas sagot na nila ang bhay n pagkain ko n every 3 months ang uwi ko sa pinas at sagot nila singapore pwd rn ako umuwi every 3 months un nga lng sagot ko nga pamasahe den ako dn bhla sa pgkain n bhay singapore hindi nadedelay sahod ko d2 sa qatar delay lage lol!

if im going to based it here obviously stay d2 sa qatar...kso hndi ko lam bat prn ako naguguluhan..., scratch lol!

cenxa na guys naguguluhan lng tlga ako.....really need an opinion...
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PostSubject: Re: need some advise.......pls pls pls   Tue Mar 04, 2008 12:38 am

well, you're really in a tough situation coz your future depends on it.. my advice is..
try to weigh the positives and negatives on both places..say maybe it would help if you write down which place would be more comfortable for you, advantages,, consider emotional,financial you've said, now you feel happier where you are coz you get to unwind but would that be forever?coz i have a few friends in the same country you're in and for the first few months they get to have fun but then after a few years it gets tiring...but of course you would've felt the same the first time you stayed in singapore?right?...think about job security...if you're willing to take risks where you are right now and you feel confident that you'd do better then you can stay where you are and continue on with your depends on how much you're willing to take chance on and risk and how tough you'll be..
so Good Luck and hope this gives you something to ponder... Very Happy
God Bless You... sunny
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PostSubject: Re: need some advise.......pls pls pls   Tue Mar 04, 2008 3:08 pm

hi mickeeh! cheers
lol! i know the feeling... coz i've been der...
i think u can stay in qatar... like wat u've said mas ok s qatar xe nkkapag-unwind k unlike in singapore...
lol! can u c? the only problem in qatar ung ndedelay ung sahod mo.... free p ung fare mo s airplane s singapore hinde.. kung mas mrmi kng frens s singapore den start making frens in qatar... lol! think it over!
kaya mo yan! God Bless!!! cheers cheers
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PostSubject: Re: need some advise.......pls pls pls   

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need some advise.......pls pls pls
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