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 "BABY LOVE"(ladies, i need help ..plssssssssss..)

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PostSubject: "BABY LOVE"(ladies, i need help ..plssssssssss..)   Wed Mar 05, 2008 3:04 am

hello there ladies..i need some advise.Im 27 years and my loving husband wants a baby so bad..wer' trying for about 6 months now.. STILL no luck..i have irregular period, so i went to OB GYNE, and she gave me a prescription to regulate my period, The doctor did a blood test, and all the results are normal.(thanx God)
im crazy as hell right now, Evil or Very Mad i dont know what to do,disappointed ako lagi pg dumadating yung period ko, No ..but i really try not to worry, coz i believe that God is there for us..and GUide us..iniisip ko n lng n ibibigay nya rn smin yun, at the right time,God is good...
pero syempre hnd p rn maalis s isip ko, at nalulungkot..
meron n bng naka experience ng ganito?still trying for how many months/years?? and they succeed?HOW?
any more advise????? Sad

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PostSubject: Re: "BABY LOVE"(ladies, i need help ..plssssssssss..)   Wed Mar 05, 2008 3:11 am

why dont you try that pills?..inumin mo ng mga ilang months,then stop mo,for sure makakabuo kayo..or if you really dont want,be patient..wait mo na lang yung right time na ibigay sayo ni god..
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PostSubject: Re: "BABY LOVE"(ladies, i need help ..plssssssssss..)   Wed Mar 05, 2008 1:01 pm

i think the pills that was given to you is the fertility will be a very big help.why not give it a try?you`ll never it works for you..marami namang gumagamit ng ganyan ah nowadays specially for those who have the same situation with you!
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PostSubject: Re: "BABY LOVE"(ladies, i need help ..plssssssssss..)   Wed Mar 05, 2008 3:01 pm

hi prettypinay.... Smile
i think ure worrying 2 much... lol!
i hope i could help u... ask ur mom 1st kng l8 dn b cia ngkaank... thatz 1 factor... tnungin mo rin parents ng aswa mo... may kakilala ako after 5 yrs. dun sila nagkaanak... meron din 10 yrs... don't lose hope... 6 months plang naman... and i hope ur loving husband won't put 2 much pressure wid u.. we'll never know bka cia pa may problem... and gurl take ur prescribed medicine.... lol! it may help u a lot... ok? Good Luck! Smile Smile
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PostSubject: Re: "BABY LOVE"(ladies, i need help ..plssssssssss..)   Mon Mar 10, 2008 6:24 pm

hey gurl...i know im not in a position to give u advise as i still am single & doesnt have any baby yet. but i have this OB problem also w/c somehow u might wanna look into para u'll be more confident w/ urself & start trusting your OB.

-try getting a 2nd opinion. baka iba ang diagnosis ng ibang OB sa condition mo. try to get the best OB in town para mas mataas ang confidence level na mabigay sa'yo...

-dont put the pressure so much in you...baka mashado mo dina-down self mo na ikaw ang may diperensha, tapos hindi naman pala. i dont think IRREGULAR monthly period is the culprit! i have few friends (3 na silang success stories) who also has irregular periods pero nabuntis sila (BAGO PA LANG IKASAL YUNG ISA!) there's a high probability that its NOT an issue.

-u've been trying to fix urself by goin to OB...big thing na ang harapin @ i-accept ang possibility na may diperensha ka. just continue doing that, monitor ur repro system's health...need naman talaga yan ng mga babae @ dapat na magpa-alaga ka na para assure ka of your health...............pero did you ever try ASKING UR BELOVED HUSBAND TO HAVE A CHECK UP TO UROLOGIST (im not so sure whats the equivalent doctor to males)? para lang malaman nyo din if your hubby is in tip-top shape to make you fertile! (my uncle did that coz they've been married for 13 YEARS @ wala pring baby...success story din after learning na low sperm count siya @ nag gamot!)

its no joke honey...i've asked a longtime bf to do that for me coz i wanna bear a child na rin (buti na lang hindi din natuloy kundi i wont have this great work opportunity. hehe!) HE HAD A SPERM CHECK to see if he is producing huge amount/number of sperm to make me fertile & if his lil pets are healthy enough to reach the waiting-to-be-penetrated-egg bf's doctor dint only made an announcement of the exact number of his sperm...also the number of ACTIVE sperms he got on that 5M+! he even told us that he can surely make me fertile BUT we should stay away from toooo much stress, find time to rest & relax so he'll produce more, healthier, active sperm...then keep on trying! Wink

its a matter of how you will talk it over w/ ur hubby...kasi medyo may pride ang lalaki when it comes to this kind of thing. alam mo naman ang ego ng lalaki...kaya plan on how u will discuss it w/ him so he will willingly do it for u & for the relationshhip...THERE'S NO HARM IN TRYING! malay mo, kelangan nyo lang dalawa ng konting guide from your doctors para ibigay na ni God ang angel nyo.

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PostSubject: Re: "BABY LOVE"(ladies, i need help ..plssssssssss..)   Mon Mar 10, 2008 10:15 pm

hi pretty pinay Smile

alam mo parehas tayo irregular din ang mens ko,noon inggit na inggit ako sa mga friends ko kasi lahat sila may mga baby na,sabi ng oby ko mahihirapan nga daw ako magkaanak dahil sa menstrual period ko so kinausap ko SIYA sabi ko ndi na ko mangungulit na bigyan nya ko kahit isa hihintayin ko na lang kung kelan NIYA ko bibigyan...alam mo may nagpayo sakin na after nyo daw mag-do wag ka muna tatayo or wiwiwi so ginawa ko nga then after a month ugali ko na kasi mag-pregnancy test kasi nga irregular ako nagulat na lang ako positive Very Happy Very Happy 2 times nga ako nag-PT kasi ndi ako makapaniwala hehehe....ngaun meron na ko makulit na baby boy he's turning 8 mo. na dis week Very Happy Very Happy ....wag ka na lang mainip kasi kung talagang time u na para maging mommy bibigyan ka NIYA just keep your faith Smile
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PostSubject: Re: "BABY LOVE"(ladies, i need help ..plssssssssss..)   Thu Mar 13, 2008 12:13 pm

keep your faith to God and dont loose hope. He is our Healer as He promised in Exodus 15:26.
Jesus said in Mark 11:24 " Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer,believe that you have recieved it,and it will be yours". God is good and His love endures forever.God loves you my dear sis.
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PostSubject: Re: "BABY LOVE"(ladies, i need help ..plssssssssss..)   Fri Mar 14, 2008 11:59 am

wag lang mag worry too much d maganda kc yon...just let it go for awhile baka d mo iisipin dumating d ba?? may mga couples talaga na matagal mg ka anak..ung friend ko 2 years bago cla ngka baby may ininject sa knya dati tas may overian cyst pa cia pero ngkababy cia dalawa na nga... God bless
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PostSubject: Re: "BABY LOVE"(ladies, i need help ..plssssssssss..)   Sat Mar 15, 2008 8:02 am

hello pretty pinay!!

oh ayan dami na nagbigay tip sa inyo. well ako rin erregular din men ko. every 3 months minsan 7 months nga na wala. pero meron na akong 2 yrs old na baby ngayon. kaya minsan hindi naman yung reason na pagka erregular ng mens u yung reason kung bakit ka hindi nagkakaanak. meron din ako kakilala na erre din sya pero may walong anak na. meron din ako auntie na naghintay ng 10 years bago sila nagkakaanak minsan may mga 11 years pa. kaya hintayin mo lang yung time na bibigyan ka ng panginoon ng baby.

well maganda yan na nagpatingin ka sa doctor pero mas maganda kung parehas kayo magpacheck-up ng loveing husband mo at mapapayhuhan nila kayo kung kailan kayo gagawa ng baby. malalaman nila kasi kung kailan ka fertile. para don kayo gagawa. then yung mga iba pinapayo nila na b4 u fertile dapat ala kontak ng 1 week para maraming maipon na sperm yung asawa mo. then sabi pa nila wag u isipin na gumagawa ko ng baby pero isipin mo na gumagawa ko ng love kung nagcontact kayo ng asawa. minsan kailangan u mag relax ng dalawa kasi pag lagi kayo may stress mahirap daw mabuntis.

may magpayo din sa akin noon na pagkatapos magkontak wag ka muna tatayo lagyan mo unan yung puwet mo para masmabilis ung sperm sa paglangoy nila papunta sa egg mo. at saka wag daw we wewe ng 8 hrs paggkatapos gumawa para hindi sila ma washout sa loob.

i hope i can help with ur problem. kasi nakatulong din sa akin to meron na akong makulit na baby ngayon.
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PostSubject: Re: "BABY LOVE"(ladies, i need help ..plssssssssss..)   Sun Mar 16, 2008 2:35 pm

Hi, Baka stressful kasi mashado yung work nyo pareho ng hubby mo. I'm the youngest of four siblings. The gap between my eldest sibling and the next was almost 10 years. Akala ng parents ko isa lang magiging kid nila. Both of them were working at that time and siguro because of stress that's why they had a hard time before masundan yung sister ko. Their friends adviced them na magpahinga and have a change of environment for a while. What my parents did was to go on vacation. Eventually, nasundan yung panganay and then, after the second one was born, a year after that nagkaron ulit and then ako na. bounce

I guess changing your lifestyle (like if you are super stressed because of a lot of stuff like work, or other things), might help. If you can take a leave of absence kahit for the time being lang while you guys are trying to have a baby.

I hope magkaron na kayo ng baby ng hubby mo. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: "BABY LOVE"(ladies, i need help ..plssssssssss..)   Wed Mar 26, 2008 11:36 am

that's kind of sad that you have to go thru this problem...i'm married as well but have no plans of having a baby yet but i symphatize with you.. I guess like what others have said, try to relax coz stressing yourself by worrying won't help ..i assure you that..try not to think of it for'll be hard but i know you have a loving husband to support you..with regards to the pill, i don't think you'd loose anything if you'd try taking it..I'll just include you in my prayers..hope you;d get some peace of mind.. God Bless... I love you
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PostSubject: Re: "BABY LOVE"(ladies, i need help ..plssssssssss..)   Fri Apr 04, 2008 11:53 am

pretty pinay,

me too my problem with my period irregular kya after a year pa kmi pa work up me s ob and she gave me pills pra maregular ang period and after that i take fertility pills and then ngultrasound to chek kng my effect yng fertility pills meaning kng my egg cells b nabuo thank god at meron that's the right time to make contact pra mkabuo ng baby flower .dapat relax lang kyo ng hubby mo wag ma stress take it i have 2 boys at sa 2nd baby ko hinde ko na kailangan ng pills cheers kasi nga sa mga irregular period na kagaya natin hindi alam kng when ang ka fertile kya when i found out that im pregnant ay nung ng pregnancy test ako.enjoy and have fun with your hubby Razz
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PostSubject: Re: "BABY LOVE"(ladies, i need help ..plssssssssss..)   Wed Apr 16, 2008 5:12 am

hay ati...darating din yan sau..baka pag dumating sunod sunod naman eh mataranta ka hehehehe....newei, may kakilala ako,naniniwala k b sa hilot?try mong mag pataas ng matres..hehehe sabi makaktulong din daw at maganda ang ganun b4 k mag buntis daw..and try mo n din sabay kau ni mr. n mag pacheck up...malay mo..wala din naman daw yun sa pag ka ate anu work mo?baka kailangan mo din mag pahinga muna at mag tingin mo?
newei,hi way sky way...goodluck sa inyo...and more babies to come...
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PostSubject: Re: "BABY LOVE"(ladies, i need help ..plssssssssss..)   

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"BABY LOVE"(ladies, i need help ..plssssssssss..)
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