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 Mag Negosyo Bilang Bayantel Wireless Landline DEALER

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PostSubject: Mag Negosyo Bilang Bayantel Wireless Landline DEALER   Sun Mar 09, 2008 7:44 pm

Want to earn easy money LEGITIMATELY? I spend an average of 8-12 minutes per transaction, and I receive at least P500 per successful transaction. I am a dealer of Bayantel Wireless Landline, a product that combines the mobility of cellphones and the low cost of landlines.

To apply for dealership, just call or text
Bayantel Authorized Dealer:
Manny de Leon
0927 - 9754398
0919 - 5244180

Cash-out: Php1,500 or Php2,000 (depending on selected unit)
Commission: Php500-800 per unit sold.
Required Documents: photocopy of valid ID and Metro Manila proof of billing

For NO CASH-OUT and NO REQUIREMENTS option, kindly email

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How is it done?
A: This is the normal process involved:
(1) Customer calls me to buy wireless landline
(2) I ask for complete name, delivery address and chosen phone unit
(3) I relay the info to the delivery coordinator using my own dealer's phone.
(4) I am done with my work! Office makes sure the unit is delivered on the same day or the next day. And I get at least P500 (could be higher depending on the number of sales per month, or if the customer wants to be a dealer too)

Q: Is it more expensive for the customer to buy from a dealer instead of directly from the office?
A: No. The price is exactly the same. If a customer buys it from the office, the person that accomodates the customer gets the P500 commission instead. It is actually less expensive to go through a dealer since free delivery is offered and, therefore, the customer doesn't incur travel expense going to the office.

Q: Why would anyone call me to request a wireless landline?
A: I advertised the product in some internet forums. Furthermore, some forums permit me to use my sulit signature, so I automatically advertise the product whenever I post any reply to any thread. I also invested some time at the start to distribute some official bayantel flyers. And because phones are now a necessity, and the Bayan Wireless Landline is a good product, it is not difficult to close a deal.

Q: How often do I get calls?
A: Last month (Jan), I used to get around 1-3 calls a day only. This month (Feb), it has increased to about 3-4 calls a day.

Q: How many units do I actually sell per week?
A: On my worst week so far, I sold two (2) units. On my best week, I sold eight (Cool ten (10). Note: I just beat my previous high of 8 by selling 10 units last week (first week of Feb).

Q: Is it realistic to expect more sales?
A: Definitely! One of the dealers sold seventy (70) units in a month!!! It would be advantageous if you have your own commercial space, but even if you don't, you can still advertise aggressively (like doing house-to-house, or distributing flyers inside malls). I just don't go out of my way to advertise aggressively because I love my day job, and I wish to spend most of my remaining time with my family and friends.

Q: Is there a quota for dealers?
A: On the first 45 days as dealer, there is no quota. Here you are kindly allowed to get the experience and learn effective marketing strategies. After the initial 45 days, you are then evaluated every 3-months. In every evaluation period, you must have sold an average of 11 units per month. Failure to meet the quota will return your MRR to Php699, but you can still sell units and earn commissions. In fact, if you meet the quota in the next evaluation period, then your MRR goes back (down) to Php499.

Q: Does the product have a good selling point?
A: You might be surprised to know that this product has several selling points over other related products.
(1) Majority of my clients so far wanted to have their own landlines asap. With bayantel's wireless landline, I can promise them delivery on the same day or the next day. With other landlines, they would have to wait weeks or even months to get their own connection
(2) Versus other wireless landlines, bayantel offers unlimited talk-time. A giant network, for instance, limits the calls to 600 minutes per month (an average of about 20 minutes per day only!) and charges for every extra time.
(3) Versus non-wireless landlines, you can bring the phone units (and of course use them) anywhere in Metro Manila, plus a few areas beside Metro Manila, and also in some selected provinces. (This year, though, the target of bayantel is to cover a lot more provinces in its wireless network).
(4) Versus cellphones, bayantel wireless landline offers FREE calls to/from landlines within Metro Manila.
(5) Versus all types of phones, bayantel offers FREE long distance calls to any bayantel phone.

Q: Can you earn even without selling units?
A: This is a bit pushing it already, but it IS ACTUALLY POSSIBLE. If you recruit a dealer, then you actually earn P100 for every unit your recruited dealer sells. So if you are lucky enough and recruit an active dealer, you earn a significant passive income without even spending any time at all.

Q: Is it worth it to be a bayantel dealer?
For me, it is a definite YES! I just needed a landline because there is no such available in our subdivision (unless I pay pldt a hefty amount for the connection, or I wait possibly a couple of years for a connection to be installed in our subdivision). When I became a bayantel dealer, I did not only receive a landline instantly, I also got it for a discounted monthly subscription rate. And the best part of it is that I am even earning with it even if I don't spend a significant amount of time as a dealer.

Benefits of Being a Dealer:

Avail of BayanTel's SIR Program or SPAN Independent Reseller Program to be an authorized Reseller/Dealer.As a SIR, you are entitled to the following Rewards:

  1. Commission per unit sale (from line 1):
    a. 1 - 7 unit sales = Php 500 per unit
    b. 8 - 16 unit sales = Php 600 per unit
    c. 17 or more unit sales = Php 650 per unit
  2. Recruitment Incentive: Php 800 per recruited and paid SIR
  3. Override Commission: Php 100 for every activated account solicited by your SIR's (the first level only)
  4. No limit in terms of commission payout
  5. Other benefits:
    a. Discounted MRR of Php 499

    per month on SPAN demo unit, VAT Included

    b. Privilege to carry other BayanTel Products and Services

    c. BayanTel's dedicated, accessible SIR Support Team

    d. Proven marketing Materials and suppport

    How to Become an Authorized Dealer:

    You can join by following these easy steps:
    (1) Select a kit (see details below)
    (2) Contact Jon (0916-7647952 or 466-7423) to reserve your selected unit. Note: the wireless landline 466-7423 can also receive text messages!
    (3) Photocopy two documents: your valid ID and a Metro Manila proof of billing
    (4) Wait for your kit to be delivered to your preferred delivery place (home, office or anywhere you like) on your preferred delivery date/time.
    (5) When kit is delivered together with the application form, pay for it to the delivery man who, in turn, will issue an official receipt.
    (6) Fill up the application form and submit it to the delivery man together with the two documents (photocopy).

    You can immediately start selling and enjoy big commission opportunities.

    ayan kabayan...... isang magandang uportunidad at malaking kitaan ngayon na nagaganap sa Pilipinas.... ibinahagi ko sa inyo ito... dahil maski po ang inyong lingkod...ay Wireless dealer na rin.....


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PostSubject: Re: Mag Negosyo Bilang Bayantel Wireless Landline DEALER   Wed Mar 26, 2008 12:09 pm

how much is the monthly bill for such landline?
is it available in baguio?
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Mag Negosyo Bilang Bayantel Wireless Landline DEALER
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