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 Forums for those in-between....

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PostSubject: Forums for those in-between....   Thu Mar 13, 2008 1:07 am

I just noticed that two of the forums you have are pertaining particularly for Men and Women. For the men's forum, bawal ang pa-min(lesbian) , and for the girls, bawal ang pa-girl (gay). And since they do not fully fall on the two categories, may I suggest that you have 2 more forums added? One for lesbians, and one for gays. That is if it doesn't mean disobeying any of the rules of this site. I just thought that it might be much easier for them to open up and share what they feel to those people they have in common with. With them having their own forums, mas magiging mas comfortable sila to say what they think. But shempre, the general rules in this site should still apply.

Anyway, these are only suggestions. It is still up to you and the rest of the people behind if it would be a good idea or totally not.

Good day everyone. Smile
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Forums for those in-between....
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